Our Company

We are situated on the fertile Lancashire plains inbetween Preston and Southport and are family owned and managed. We grow and pack directly (from seed to shelf) a range of products from Root vegetables, Brassicas, Salads and Organic Vegetables.

What we do

Since 1942 Huntapac Produce Ltd has strived to bring the best quality vegetables to our customers. This all starts out in the fields, we grow our root crops all over the country to ensure a good crop all year round and also to guarantee flexibility in versatile weather conditions. The crops go through a number of growing processes until finally being harvested and transported back to Huntapac Produce Ltd.

Once our crops arrive back at Huntapac we flume wash them out of the trailer before they go through a number of washing and polishing stages.

When they are clean they are then cooled down to temperature before being manually and optically graded with regards to size and quality.

Once the vegetables have gone through all the processes they then arrive at one of twelve packing machines. They are then packed and check weighed.

Once they are packed they are then transported to our cold store which runs between 1-6 degrees Celsius, this ensures the vegetables stay fresh and maintain their high quality.

As soon as a wagon is ready on a loading bay the produce is picked off the shelf and transported a short distance by fork lift truck to load one of our temperature controlled fridges, similar to the cold store our fridges keep the produce at the correct temperate for transportation. Our trucks then travel all over the country to deliver the produce to our customers.

Huntapac Produce Ltd, 293 Blackgate Lane, Holmes, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 6JJ.

Telephone - 01772 280600