Delivering the best quality vegetables all starts out in the fields. Only the best land is selected for our root crops, brassicas & salads. They then go through a number of growing processes which ensure the best quality once harvested.

Root Crops

We grow roughly 1800 acres of root crops a year, 1450 acres of that is carrots and 350 acres of parsnips. Our root crops are grown in all areas of the country ranging from Scotland to Suffolk. This allows us to bring in our early produce at the start of the season from the warm south and then work our way up north throughout the year to Inverness, Scotland where the produce stores longer after a cold winter. We also grow in the east and western parts of the country to allow more flexibility in versatile weather conditions. The process starts when we carefully select the best land for our crops, we then start to prepare the seed bed by taking all the necessary steps such as ploughing, fertilizing & de-stoning. Once the field is ready we drill the crop seeds, to enhance growing performance we then irrigate, fertilize and inter row the crops if needed. Some of the crops are covered over with polythene and straw to protect them against the frost in the harsh winter months. Finally the crops are harvested in the coolest conditions possible, keeping them cool maximizes shelf life. They are then transported back to Huntapac Produce to be washed, graded, packed & distributed.

Brassicas & Salads

We grow roughly 600 acres of brassicas & salads a year, 250 acres of salads and 350 acres brassica. The majority of our brassicas and salads are grown on the fertile reclaimed marshland grounds of Lancashire. This area provides the best growing conditions and also reduces transportation time back to Huntapac which enables us to keep the produce cooler. The process begins when we carefully select the best plants to be used followed by the field which gives us the best soil for growing. The field is then prepared by ploughing, power harrowing & fertilizing if necessary. The plants are then planted into the ground and the growing process begins. We then apply all the important steps to making the best quality product such as fertilizing and irrigating if needed in dry summer months. Before harvesting, our salads are check weighed to ensure they are mature enough to leave the ground. Our brassicas are harvested and then transported back to Huntapac to be packed and distributed, the salads are packed out in the fields on rigs and then transported back to Huntapac to be vacuum cooled and distributed to customers.

The team

Ben Madarasi

Derek Goodall

Andrew Sutton

John Smith

Tomas Maro

Andrew Molyneux

New Machinery & Technologies

Niagri Cleaner Loader

Niagri Cleaner Loaders are designed to transfer crops from field trailers to bulkers at the field side. Cleaning the product whilst at the field saves any unnecessary logistics. Dirt is conveyed out of the side of the machine, ready to be incorporated back into the site it was harvested from, again saving unnecessary logistics. This reduces the soil in a load and increases the amount of crop.

Six Wheel Iveco Trakker's(Two)

We traditionally used tractors attached to powered dollies and tipping trailers to collect the carrot crop from the harvester. With the Iveco Trakker we can gain better traction in the fields. The six-wheel drive machine also has safety benefits and a weighing system which tells the driver exactly how much weight is in the trailer and therefore we can fill it to the guided weight limit. Along with the Niagri cleaner loader this significantly reduces the amount of loads we need to transport back to Huntapac, saving time and money.

Asa-Lift Harvester's(Three)

Asa-Lift is specialized in making carrot harvesters, and have 75 years of experience in the market. The new Asa-lift harvesters have proved to be a success with an increase in performance, especially in tougher weather conditions. The new harvesters also clean the crops better.

Massey Ferguson Tractor's(Thirty three)

We have a fleet of thirty three Massey Ferguson's coming for our farming division, two of them being 250hp fitted with a full GPS system. The new fleet will improve performance and efficiency on the farms.  

Self Propelled John Deere Sprayer

The John Deere sprayer is significantly more efficient than previous methods of spraying. The sprayer is fitted with SmartBoom, once turned on, SmartBoom uses GPS data from a StarFire satellite receiver to turn the sprayer on or off at previously sprayed areas or mapped no-spray zones.


  • Miedema Cleaner Loader
  • Plow
  • Subsoiler
  • Spader
  • Polythene Winder(Keep's polythene sheet cleaner making it better for recycling)
  • New straw remover to elevate and drop straw ready for baling.

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