Our Transport division has grown immensely over recent years, with continuous technologies & innovations we have great reliability and efficiency, this is also realised by others and we now do a lot of external transportation as well. Transport is a key to the companies success, it allows us to bring our freshly harvested crops back to our factory and distribute produce quickly and efficiently to ensure crucial deadlines are met.

Our Transport fleet consists of 60 wagons, 66 refrigerated trailers, off which 20 are duel temperatures, 40 tipper bulker trailers, & 2 low loaders. Our fleet of wagons are mainly Scania’s, Scania has always been the companies most dominant choice for transportation, offering an excellent all round vehicle. Recently, over the last 18 months the company has started using the Iveco Hi-Way which has proved to be a very competitive and reliable vehicle.

The traffic office is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a dedicated team of transport co-ordinators. All of our vehicles and trailers have tracker devices installed on them, the Wagons are fitted with Navman Tracking. We have recently just changed our Trailer Trackers from Axscend to Masternaut for an improved service and reliability. This combination enables us to track, coordinate and deliver more efficiently, and provide the customer with accurate logistical information while keeping our cost competitive.

We deliver to most supermarket chains as well as markets with our refrigerated trailers, we travel the full length of the country from Kent to Scotland, the south-west to the north-east. We also collect all of our own produce from all over the UK in bulkers and tri- axle tippers, the main area’s we collect from are Shropshire, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Scotland right up to the Black Isles.

Since 1942...

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