About Us

Huntapac Produce Ltd is a fourth generation family-owned business which was established in 1942. Nestled in a small village in the heart of Lancashire, we specialise in growing, packing and distributing a variety of root vegetables, brassicas and salads.

Originally Huntapac supplied the local Fruit & Veg markets in Lancashire and Yorkshire however in 1967 a new pack house was built to cope with the increasing demand for high quality produce.
In more recent years it has more than doubled in size and become a 24-hour, 364-day-a-year operation, and one of the largest and most successful root producers in the UK with roughly 500 staff. Huntapac was founded by William Hunter in 1942 before being passed down to William Hunter, or as many people knew him, Bill Hunter. William Hunter was the managing director and it was William who, in the 1970's took the business to what it is today with his hard working mentality and commitment. William then become chairman of the company and his two sons Warren Hunter(William Warren Hunter) and Jason Hunter(Jason Charles Hunter) where left to run the business.
Warren Hunter is now the Managing Director of the business and together with his brother Jason Hunter(Director) they have proceeded to expand the business with their hard work and dedication. Sadly William, the son of the original founder was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 72 whilst he was still very much involved with the day-to-day running of Huntapac, in November 2014 William passed away at the age of 73.

In more recent years Will(William) and Henry Hunter, the fourth generation, have entered the business and now work alongside their father Warren Hunter learning all different sectors of the business. Will Hunter, 23, started work for Huntapac in the Maintenance sector, repairing factory machinery before going to work on the farms in Shropshire growing and harvesting Carrots and Parsnips. Will then spent some time on the Transport side of the business and now works as Operations Manager. Henry Hunter, 21, also started work in Maintenance before moving on to Fabrication learning how to build factory machinery. Henry now works on the latest development projects and is currently working on a new farm office/maintenance workshop facility at Marsh Farm, Hesketh Bank.

Supplying some of the major supermarkets in the UK as well as independent retailers, wholesalers, food service, caterers and food manufacturing sectors standards are consistently very high and a strong management team ensure these standards are maintained at all times. Family tradition and a commitment to quality are still as important today as they were 70 years ago. This heritage has passed down through generations of the Hunter family and ensures that Huntapac is supplying high quality produce whilst embracing a rapidly changing food market – From this seed of thought; the 'Roots' brand was launched. 

Huntapac Produce Ltd, 293 Blackgate Lane, Holmes, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 6JJ.

Telephone - 01772 280600