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The local produce tasting day at Booths, Lytham.

Roots vegetable crisps tasting day

On Saturday 13th September Rachel Alty and Henry Hunter from Huntapac took to the Booths store in Lytham to offer out 'Roots' vegetable crisps at a local produce tasting day which was organised by Booths. Huntapac were amongst five other local produce companies around the store including Lathams bakers.

Mary Harris from St Annes said: “These are lovely crisps, I have 10 great grandchildren and I’m sure they would all like them too – these vegetable crisps are a good way of getting children interested in different sorts of foods.” 

Reg and Edwina England from Lytham also tucked into the crisps. Reg commented: “Booths always offer a first class range of products and these vegetable crisps are very nice.” 
The crisps are made from carrots, parsnips and beetroot grown in Lancashire and across the UK by Huntapac - a leading grower and supplier of vegetables which has a rich Lancashire heritage dating back to the Second World War.

Thinly sliced and hand cooked in pure sunflower oil and lightly seasoned with salt, Roots are being stocked in selected Booths stores across Lancashire, Cumbria and Yorkshire.

Booths is the first retailer to stock the snack which until now has only been available through wholesalers; it bolsters Huntapac’s relationship with the leading Northern retailer which it has been supplying with raw vegetables for the last 20 years.

Rachel Alty, Account Manager at Huntapac, said: “We’re very excited to be launching Roots direct to consumers for the very first time and it’s a real treat to see them in the Booths’ store in Lytham.

“Booths has an excellent reputation for supporting local producers and we are pleased to be strengthening our relationship with them.

“We hope people in Lytham enjoyed Roots and that the Huntapac story and the Lancashire heritage will resonate with consumers who are keener than ever to know how and where their food is produced.”

For more information about Roots, visit and follow on Twitter @rootscrisps and on Facebook.

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