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New Massey Ferguson Fleet

Huntapac Produce have this month taken delivery of 14 brand new Massey Ferguson tractors for their farming operation across the country. The range includes two MF 6715, six MF 7718, one MF 7720 & five MF 7724. The chosen models are fitted with a range of 150-240hp AGCO Power engines, the largest being a 6 cylinder 7.4 Litre in the MF 7724. The selected models will reach the capabilities required for the jobs they are faced with and will be working in Shropshire and Yorkshire. The tractors are once again supplied by dealership Clarke & Pulman Ltd who are based in Burscough, Clarke & Pulman travel hundreds of miles around the country to keep them serviced and eliminate any downtime in the fields to ensure supermarket deadlines are always met.

MF 7700 range tractor 'Born to Farm'

EPM(Engine Power Management) AGCO Engine
One of the latest technologies on the Massey Ferguson's is the EPM(Engine Power Management). Previously only available on tractors with Dyna-4 and Dyna-6 transmissions, Engine Power Management (EPM) is now also available on all MF 7700 Dyna-VT models, offering up to 25hp more when it is most needed.

EPM means a tractor that responds automatically to the load imposed on it, and adjusts fueling accordingly to give you extra power when you need it most. Designed to tackle tough transport and PTO work challenges, advanced electronic engine and transmission management makes more power automatically available under load or at speed.

Monday 16th October 2017

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