Integrated Farm Management(IFM)

Everyone wants a countryside that thrives. A countryside that is alive with wildlife, supports viable farming businesses and produces wholesome, affordable food. Integrated Farm Management (IFM) is an approach that provides just this. It combines the best of traditional farming methods with modern technology, allowing farmers to manage their farms in an informed, professional and caring way.

Traditional farming methods include crop rotations and modern methods would be combining this with pesticides and fertilisers only when absolutely necessary to keep crops healthy. IFM ensures the highest standards of food production with the minimum environmental impact, a 'win win' situation Pesticide usage is reducing annually due to ensure a safe and wholesome product, this is achieved by the use of:

Weather Stations located in main growing areas which can predict the incidence of diseases, consequently crops are only sprayed if absolutely necessary and at the correct time for maximum effectiveness against disease.

Pest Traps which allows us to know precisely when pests are migrating into crops and therefore control measures are targeted and timely.

The use of weather stations also allows us to predict exactly when it is necessary to irrigate our crops and specialised equipment allows Coe House Farms and W&J Organics to provide their crops with the continuous supply of water that they need to get through our unpredictable British seasons.


New varieties of all produce are trialled annually with the support of various seed companies in an effort to improve the quality & reliability of crops as well as to find new and exciting products for our New Product Development team.

Huntapac Produce also recognises the importance of investing in new machinery, as it is vital not only for product quality but to also improve our over-all efficiency and customer service.

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