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Huntapac celebrate 250th wagon with Scania V8-R520

New wagon fleet includes Scania V8-R520 to mark Huntapac's 250th wagon

Meet Helena, a Scania V8-R520 which marks Huntapac's 250th wagon. Huntapac's wagon fleet started in the late 1920's with a Vulcan wagon which had solid rubber tyres, since that time Huntapac's transport division has grown immensely in a relatively short period of time and that is recognised with Huntapac's latest wagon fleet which totals 22 new wagons. Including the Scania V8-R520 the new fleet consists of nine R450 Scania's, eight Stralis 460 E6 Iveco's & four FH Euro 6 500 Volvo's. The Volvo's are Huntapac's first of the Volvo manufacture and will no doubt be another successful vehicle in a long listed fleet.
The Scania V8-R250 has a stunning unique look with a grey grill and a contrasted red body. Decals above the doors include a light grey union jack with '250' written over the top with the model name and Scania logo. The V8 has unique red body parts around all of the chasis which makes it eye catching to say the least. The wagon comes with more than just a V8 engine though, extras include leather seats, coffee machine, LED lights, Alcoa rims, indicating and reversing cameras and many more. The wagons will be out on the roads on the 1st December and will be travelling thousands of miles around the country during the Christmas rush.

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