Health & Safety

We take our responsibilities for the health, safety and welfare of our employees, contractors, visitors and customers very seriously.

Innovation and technologies

Huntapac make every effort to monitor, evaluate and continuously improve our performance in health and safety and this is demonstrated by the fact we have joined forces with a software development business ( Spidex ) to create a bespoke Health and Safety management system known as ISIS.

ISIS modules consist of :
  1. Permits to work
  2. Risk assessments
  3. Accident & near miss reporting
  4. Accident investigations
  5. Safety auditing
  6. Alerts and escalations
  7. PPE tracking
  8. Personnel training and accreditations
  9. Safe systems of work
  10. Safety strategy

Upon completion of the system the company will have a state of the art health and safety suite of modules that will not only maintain our high standards but elevate them to beyond.

The company Health and Safety Manager Mr Colin Sigsworth takes pride in the ongoing development of the safety culture and insists that Health and safety is of equal importance to production and quality which our company takes emense pride.

Key Points

  • We aim to achieve high performance standards for health and safety throughout the business setting our aims and objectives to ensure compliance is maintained. 
  • We are committed to providing the safest possible working environment operating at the highest standard, all our employees are specifically trained in their roles which contributes to our low accident rates. 
  • Huntapac were proud winners of the British Safety Council International Safety Awards ( Merit ) this was to recognise the work the company has put into its commitment to safety.
  • With a varied work force the company faces many challenges when it comes to delivering the essential message of the belief that an excellent company is by definition a safe company, since we are committed to excellence, it follows that minimising risk to people, plant and products is inseparable from all other company objectives. 
  • To comply with, and where possible exceed, the requirements and targets set by the existing health and safety regulations and to ensure our future compliance.  

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